The Kingdom of Lymeria

The lands of Lymeria, are spread out over a large island where once the land was divided into petty clans, they have been turned into nobles under the Gryphon King and Queen. Nobility of Lymeria

The Land is divided into 5 great sections:

The Land of Lymeria consists of the Head, the Tail, the body, the Wing and the Claw,

The Head of Lymeria, is the extreme north a rocky mountainous region feeled with brutal cold, and goat and sheep herders. Think a combination of Scotland and Russia, These people still link them selves by Clan which the old clan heads make up the nobles of the Head of Lymeria. Periodically new “Clans are formed”, the dwarven kingdom under the North Those of the North also refer to themselves as the Children of Stone. Most refer to themselves as Northmen. They are ruled by the Grand Duke Ivan Frost (Head of the Frost Clan). The Frost Clan is a massive old clan.

The Body of Lymeria is the heartland of the Kingdom. Massive plains and farms make up the heart of the land, providing farmlands with basic fruits and vegetables. Grand Duke Andrew Veil rules this land, with his brother Master of the Coin Eddain Veil.

The Wing of Lymeria, is to the East a rocky shore, with a heavy woodland, and the capitol sitting in the middle of the Eastern Wing. This is where you will find the Elves, Goblins, Hobgoblin’s gnolls, and most other races can be found here thanks to the Capitol, the halflings travel the sees, working heavily in the trading industry. The Grand Admiral, lives mostly on the east, and much of his navy is here as well. The Ruler is Sturm Done, the Grand Admiral is Jonuh Polar of the North.

The Claw of Lymeria, is a cold dense forest land home to the Shattenwulf family. They have a kind of eastern european village like culture (though it is on the west coast), many farmers and entertainers, but they tend to be very internally loyal. There is currently no grand duke here, as the Grand Duke Shattenwulf about 5 years ago, attempted to overthrow the king and put himself on the throne. Instead the Grand Marshal Andrew Larus, has been acting ruler here for years. Most of the noble cast of Shadow Claw (as they call themselves), is made up of Shifters, they claim to have animal blood in there veins. Most races can be found here as well.

The Tail of Lymeria is a lush area, centered around the city of Darius Lymer, it shows signs of ancient architecture, and has a deep ancient connection to older empires. Theociety of Ancient Secrets (a kind of magical brotherhood of alchemist, enchanters and arcane scholars), is based out of the Tail whose leader is also the Gryphon’s Sight Andrest, as is the finest wines and olives in all of Lymeria. There is a brand new Grand Duke, Augustus Sear (a merchant and conniver), as the last Grand Dukes family (The last noble family the Copernicus family supported the Shattenwulf in it’s attempted take over of the kingdom and was badly weakened).

Gryphon Landing Gryphon Landing is the capitol of Lymeria, the heart of all politics located on the Eastern Coast of Lymeria, it is known as the place the first king landed his Gryphon after uniting the clans of Lymeria. The town is a huge sprawling city with 3 walls, as well as a well defended but massive port which is divided in two. Gryphon Landing is the single most cosmopolitan place on all of Lymeria, and it is one of the largest cities in the world.

The Kingdom of Lymeria

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