Races of Lymeria

Races in the World:

Human: The bulk of the population of Lymeria is Human, or those of human blood. They are the most common race.

Dragonborn: Mercenareries from across the sea, a handful of Dragonborn mingle with the population, but there are no native villages to the Dragonborn on Lymeria.

Dwarf: A cold underground empire of ancient traditions and policies, loyal to Family and race. Those who have settled on the surface and travel are viewed as second class citizens to the Dwarves under the north, but they are viewed with respect as merchants bringing fine dwarven crafts to the rest of Lymeria.

Elf: Once the serveants of the Fae who traversed the world, and tortured humanity they are treated with fear and disrespect by the rest of the nation. They tend to be either drudge workers in the cities, living in small ghettos or they live away in small insular communities. The only place they have found acceptance is in the military and mercenary companies.

Eladrin: A handful of the nobles of the Shining Court, find them selves lost in the world. These are the Eladrin. They hide amongst the elves for if any of the other races find out there true nature, then they would tear them to shreds. Oddly though, humans find them selves respecting and fearing these elves, even if they don’t know why.

Half-Elf: Are human who have been touched by the Fae, and have fae blood somewhere in there line (as recent as a parent, as far away as generations). They are viewed as bad luck, but unlike Elves they are not as heavily discriminated against.

Halfling: A few settlements live on the islands that surround Lymeria, most of the Halflings take to the sea, acting as pirates or merchants.

Tiefling: Viewed with fear, these touched by the demonic forces which unleashed the monsters on the world still though have carved a niche into the world. There are a handful who even claim title and nobility, but most are isolated wanderers not accepted in society.

Deva: They are viewed and accepted by the church as heroes, having the blood of gods running threw them. The rest of the population do not know what to make of the few who show up. Most find them selves in service to the church.

Gnome: Viewed as an infestation, or a problem to deal with. Gnomes are treated worse then Elves, as they are not even thought by most to be allowed in a community as they cause more harm then good.

Goliath: In the North they are viewed as great warriors and with respect, when the Giants bred with men these children are viewed as a blessing to any northern clan.

Half-Orc: Pitied and feared, these are usually the product of rape, and or unwed marriage so most end up on the streets. The only hope for them is to find a life in the military or the church.

Shifters: The noble families of the east pride them selves on having the blood of beasts running threw there veins, most don’t realise they are being truthful and that they are indeed are shape changers, aka Shifters.

Changeling: Not a none race to the masses, they tend to hide as a human or another race to fit there needs.

Drow: Elves who have been driven underground, they secretly worship demons and the the Shining Court, hoping to bring humanity under there thumb again.

Races of Lymeria

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