Nobility of Lymeria

King Garrend Larus has been on his throne for 20 years, he was crowned on his 13th birthday. He was married in his 15th year to Queen Sarah Larus nicknamed the Song Bird, they rule out of the greatest city in all of Lymeria Gryphon’s Landing

The kingdom of Lymeria is governed by a feudal society, the weight of it stands on the king, and the church. The king has a ruling council with 5 grand dukes, a Grand Marshal who is in charge of the military, a Grand Admiral in charge of the navy, the master of the coin (the kingdom’s accountant), The Gryphon’s Sight a scholar who serves as the advisor to matters of the magical ways, The Voice of the Morning, the voice of the church, The Master of Heralds who is the head of intelligence as well as spreading the laws of the king (nicknamed the Lord of Crows as a derogatory terms). They advise and serve the king directly.

The ranks in the domain go: King & Queen, Grand Duke, Council member, Duke, Count, Baron, Lord, Men-at-arms (military men town watch etc for a noble), citizen, commoner, serfs.

Knights have ranks from Council Member (the head of a knightly order), and down to men-at-arms equilivent. A knighted wariror is at minimum viewed to be equal to a Lord, and a Squire is equal to a man-at-arms.

The Five Grand Dukes: The Grand Duke of the North or the Head of Lymeria: Duke Ivan Frost

The Grand Duke of the Heartland or the Body of Lymeria: Grand Duke Andrew Veil

The Grand Duke of the Wing or the East: Grand Duke Sturm Dune

The Grand Duke of the Claw or the West: None currently, as the last one was removed by the throne. History

The Grand Duke of the South or the Tail: Augustus Sear

The Grand Marshall and temporary govener of the the Claw: Adrian Larus

The Grand Admiral: Jonuh Polar

Master of the Coin: Eddain Veil

The Gryphon’s Sight: Andrest

The Voice of the Morning: Samuel Coppurnicus

The Herald or the king of crows: Vincintio Sear

Knightly Orders

Nobility of Lymeria

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