Back when the world and the gods were young, the three great empires battled for the world. Between the the humans, the Giants, and the dragons. The empires of man were losing horribly to the dragons and the giants, so they deemed to make deals with demons to bring them self to strength. This led to the shattering of all three empires and the demons creating the time of darkness, when humanity and the other species fell back into darkness. Humanity had much to fear during these times of legend. Broken up into chaotic villages and clans they gathered together in the darkness trying to protect themselves from the monsters unleashed by the demons, the dragons and the giants, as well as from the fiends of the world. Other things also crawled threw to the world which had been weakened by the wars and the fall of the empires, letting the things from the Fae Wild to crawl threw, led by the inhuman Shining Host, or Lords and Ladies of the fae.

As the years passed things grew dark till a savage warlord mounted on the back of a Gryphon led his people forth to build a nation and an alliance safe for humanity again, this was the first king of Lymeria.

The Kingdom of Lymeria is one of the few organised nations in the world, a strong Feudal society, has held the country together for nearly 500 years, one of the first nations to rise from the squabbling madness of the eternal night as the church of the first empire call it. Lymeria though is not a peaceful place, it a place where rank and privalage are closely linked to military might and cold social cunning. Held loosely together by the sheer stregnth of The Gryphon King, and his men out of one of the greatest cities in the world Gryphon Landing.

About 5 years ago there was some Turmoil in Gryphon Landing, as two grand dukes attempted to overthrow the throne, with the support of numerous minor nobility. In the end, they lost. They lost there lands, and much of there families and supporters were stripped of there titles and executed. The Grand Duke Sterling Shattenwulf locked in a tower in Gryphon’s Landing, with the son of the former Grand Duke of the South Elias Coppernicus, his father killed by the current Grand Marshall on the field of battle.


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