Character Creation Guidelines

Classes: All classes are allowed, but I would like to see a weight towards the Martial Classes. There should be only one of each none martial power type (psychic, divine, arcane, and Wyld).

Conceptual questions: Class: Why did you choose your class and how you find it. Birth: What place in the world were you born into Race: Why you chose your race. Home area: What part of the country were you born. Brief history: What was life like for you as a child, how did you get to where you are today Motivation: Reason you are adventuring, what kind of goals you have for you character. Alignment: Yep, I want to know your alignment, and please explain why.

Outside of what I have here, I am fairly open and willing to add details to the game based on ideas you as players have for your characters.

Races: The races listed on the Race page are allowed, but I would like to see most of the characters being those of human blood. I would prefer only one of each non human race.

Character Creation Guidelines

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